19 Feb, 2023

4 Branded Products to Promote Your Brand

4 Branded Products to Promote Your Brand

It is a natural extension of marketing to be constantly looking at ways to promote your brand. There are so many different channels available these days that it is not always easy to figure out which direction to go in. The same can be said about branded products. With so many available it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which is best for you. Luckily you have Brand Republic to help you navigate all the options at your finger tips. Here we explore 4 branded products to promote your brand with ease.

Use and old favourite with promotional USBs

If you are looking for a product which has staying power then look no further that promotional USBs which have been a staple for over a decade now. This is one of those products that you just can’t go wrong with. Promotional USBs are a versatile branded product with practical applications. Whether you are uploading a product catalogue or pricing you will alway find a use for them.

There are a number of promotional USBs options available so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. They come in sizes bug and small and can even be done in custom shaped form. So promoting your brand has never been easier.

Stay safe with promotional tote bags

Another oldie but goodie is promotional tote bags which are a much loved member of branded products. They are definitely one of the most visible promotional items which makes them an excellent choice. That said they so come in a variety of sizes and materials. In fact there is not single promotional item that has so many options when it comes to materials. That is great because with some many promotional tote bags to choose from you are assured to match one to your campaign needs.

Promotional tote bags are nothing new. Indeed they are only of the oldest promotional items available. They have been used for decade at trade shows and conferences. In recent years they have also been embraced by super markets and other retails as a way of reducing single use bags whilst generalist POS sales and brand reach.

Outdoor lifestyle make custom towels to place to be

One thing that I have noticed recently is the demand for custom towels has gone through the roof. Since the pandemic more and more time has been spent outdoors which has made outdoor items all the more popular for marketers. This is where custom towels have come out to shine. There are lots of outdoor activities which are suitable for such an amazing product.

Just as with any great branded products custom towels are excellent for branding. If you are looking for something more exclusive then there is the embroidery option. Otherwise they can be screen printed or better still branded using sublimation print. A nice full colour print really opens up the creative juices when adding your message to a towel.

Celebrate summer with car sunshades

Keep your car cool during summer is always a challenge. Without the helps or trees and the shade they products the result is a scorching hot car. That is where car sunshades come in. With car sunshades you are able to deflect the majority of the suns rays thereby bringing down the temperature of your car considerably. That would explain why so many people choose to use them to cool their cars.

Car sun shades are also good for something else. They are great for branding and promoting your logo or business. With such a huge print area to can be sure that your corporate identity will be seen by many. What’s more the recipient of your custom car sunshade will be ever so grateful for your corporate gift.

Get started today

So there are no excuses not to get started today. With these 4 branded products to promote your brand you can’t go wrong.