10 Sep, 2022

3 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Gifts

3 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Gifts

The act of corporate gift giving is a very generous way to engage with customers. It is also a very effective way to promote your business and brand. Finding the right gift does require some planning and consideration. How to enhance your corporate gifts is a lot easier. Here are 3 ways to enhance your gifts.

A simple and effect enhancement with printed ribbon

The great thing about these 3 ways to enhance your gifts is that they are all really inexpensive. It is important to adhere to marketing but and adding the simple products will definitely improve your return. Printed ribbon is a cheap and effective way to enhance the look and feel of a corporate gift. It will really impress the recipient and spread your brand at the same time.

There are two different types of printed ribbon. The option you choose obviously depends on your branding requirement. For a simple one colour logo there is the screen printing options. In the event that the logo has more than one colour then there is sublimation print. Both option are available in 15mm, 20mm and 25mm thicknesses.

Wrap your gift in custom printed wrapping paper

If you want to further personalise a gift then blow your customers away with custom printed wrapping paper. With printed wrapping paper you can have your unique design or logo printed on the gift paper. This will help to make your event an even more memorable occasion.

Custom printed wrapping paper is especially handy with Christmas gifts and hamper. With items which you will have to wrap anyway it makes sense to go one step further and have it custom printed according to your needs. Combining printed ribbon with printed wrapping paper takes it that one step further.

Take it one step further by combined with printed paper bags

For gift that you give out at conferences and events you should definitely look at printed paper bagsPaper bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable which makes them a great option. What’s more they can withstand more pressure or weight than singe use plastic bags and are sure to me reused. Printed with your logo they will look great.

The best think about using printed paper bags is that they are a logical substitute for plastic bags. How great would it be to associate your brand with a movement to reduce plastic waste. By opting to go with a material with eco-credentials you are making a statement which your customers will appreciate.

Take the next step now and what your brand grow

If you want to know more about enhancing your brand let Brand Republic show you how. Having people who are professional in branded products is a great way to go. We will show you thousands of way to enhance your brand development.