05 Sep, 2022

3 Inexpensive Printed Products to Boost Your Brand

3 Inexpensive Printed Products

People often think that getting custom printed products for their business is expensive and beyond their reach. Nothing could be further from the truth. The print industry in Australia is quite robust and the competitive market makes for good pricing. There are also a lot of products which are inexpensive to begin with so having them custom printed doesn’t add much to the cost. Here we look at 3 inexpensive printed products to boost your brand and preserve your marketing dollars.

Fly High with Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons are a cost-effective form of marketing for every business. With low outlay, and high visual impact, a printed balloon is a great choice for your next marketing campaign or event booth. They are a great addition to corporate events, community festivals, children’s events, sporting events and trade shows. The best thing is that printing them with your logo is easy and costs very little. For a very small amount of money you can really stand out.

One of the great things about printed balloons is that it is easy to mix and match to your needs. You can choose from different base colours, print up to four colours on two sides of the balloon. What your watch your brand get noticed with very little investment. The truth is that adults will love them just as much as the kids so they are great for corporate engagement.

Give Plastic The Flick With Paper Bags

The transition from plastic to paper bags is great in its own right the but also give opportunities for custom printing. How great is it to associate your brand with a movement whose aim is the change the world. The move from fossil fuels to renewables is not a fad and neither is our embrace for printed paper bags. By opting to go with a material with eco-credentials you are making a statement which your customers will appreciate and printed paper bags are just the products.

The transition from plastic to renewables has been years in the making but now that it is here we need to embrace it. Paper is a renewable product which is also bio-degradable so using printed paper bags should easy. The paper used also comes from plantation trees which themselves are a carbon sink. It is a win-win situation which make the decision a no-brainer.

Every One Loves Printed Notebooks so Give them a Chance

Promotional stationary items have always been popular in the promotional products industry. Products such as pens and notebooks etc are very practical which makes them great from both the receivers and givers perspective. Printed notebooks are definitely a popular choice.

Knowing that your corporate gift will be used by the recipient is the most important aspect of corporate gifts. That is what makes custom notebooks and printed notebooks such as excellent corporate gift. Not only are they great as gifts but are a definite plus for training days and conferences. If your attendees need to take notes then what better way to do it than with printed notebooks.

Let Brand Republic Show You The Way

So you see there are many options available for printed products if you are looking for something within your budget. These 3 inexpensive printed products and other products can help boost your brand and your bottom line.