16 Aug, 2022

3 Great Promotional IT Products

3 Great Promotional IT Products

Promotional IT Ideas

In the world of promotional products there are often trends which come and go. For a period one category of products might be popular and then that changes. There is also the influence that seasons have on products use in marketing campaigns. Then there are those products which have become staples of the promotional world that have persistent appeal. One such category of products is promotional IT products. Promotional IT products are a category of items which are diverse and most of all practical.

Printed USB hubs

One such practical item is printed USB hubs. Lately some laptop manufacturers have been reducing and even eliminating USB ports in order to make their laptops thinner and lighter. Whilst a lighter and thinner laptop might have appeal it doesn’t make it easy for people who use a lot of USB gadgets. Whether plugin in your phone for charging or using a mouse or speakers there is always something plugged into your computer.

This reality present opportunities to marketers. Printed USB hubs are a great way to promote any brand or business. They are small which makes them easy to ship. They are also relatively inexpensive so they won’t break the bank. Best of all they printed well and have good branding options. Apart from the standard screen print option you can also digital print with epoxy dome.

Webcam Covers

Another great promotional IT item is webcam covers In this era of web insecurity anything that make people feel safer about using the internet is being sort after. Webcam covers can be easily be attached to any computer or laptop which make them such a good item. They are also available with custom packaging which is great for branding. We have a number of models for you to choose from, both plastic and aluminium.

Whilst the print area on webcam covers is small it is still big enough to print most logos. Best of all your brand will be right in front of the user every time they use their laptop so you know your brand will be ever present. Like USB hubs they are an inexpensive item so you can distribute more to your target audience. Custom printed webcam covers also come with a backing card for additional branding options.

Personalised USB Stick

Which brings us to one of the hottest promotional IT items of the last decade which is personalised USB sticks. Also know as promotional USBs they are probably one of the most prolific promotional product items in recent history. It is hard to imagine the last decade in promo without them. From the very start personalised USB sticks were embrace by the corporate world which is why they even featured in an episode of “The Simpsons”

Personalised USB sticks come in so many different options it is incredible. There is just about a model available for any marketing campaign. What’s more you can even customise them to any shape you want with PVC USBs. It is no wonder they are still and integral part of the promotional products industry.

Get Some Promotional IT

If you are looking at launching a promotional marketing campaign soon look no further than the above aforementioned products. They are sure to hit the mark so why not give it a go? For more information simply fill out the form below.


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