16 Sep, 2022

2 Great Corporate Apparel Items To Add To Your Wardrobe

2 Great Corporate Apparel Items

Usually when people think corporate apparel they envisage something more formal like business shirts and pant. That doesn’t need to be the way. There are casual corporate apparel items which look just as good on staff. There are ways to look good without breaking the bank. These are 2 great corporate apparel items to add to your wardrobe.

Look smart with t-shirts

T-shirts might seem like a casual clothing item but it does mean it can’t look good. The key with promotional t-shirts is to make sure they are quality. Whilst we have a large range of t-shirts on offer we generally offer AS Colour or SOLS products. We find AS Colour is a bit more expensive but has brand cache and quality. The SOLS ones are similar quality but relatively unknown in this market so they are cheaper.

If you are looking at using promotional t-shirts as part of your corporate clothing range you have made the right choice. You want your staff to be comfortable during working hours and a good cotton t-shirt will do the trick. Also the large print areas mean that you can play around with your branding.

Polos for something more upmarket

If you like the idea of comfort but want something with a bit more value then choose a polo. Promotional polos are definitely a good choice if you are looking for something more up market. There is a huge range available so you will be spoilt for choice. There is also a excellent range of colour so you are sure to find something to suit your corporate identity.

Polos shirts have always been a popular choice on the construction site. Now they are increasingly becoming appealing in the office and in shops. Generally they are branded using embroidery which adds to the quality of the product.