18 Mar, 2022

12 Ways to Use One of Our Branded Reusable Produce Bags

Branded Reusable Produce Bags

12 Ways to Use One of Our Branded Reusable Produce Bags

It this day and age of climate change and mass pollution people are increasing looking at ways to reduce single plastic bags. In the past we have discusses the benefits of custom totes bags and how they can contribute to waste reduction. Another area where we can reduce waste is with produce bags. Every time we go shopping for fruit and vegetable we bring home plastic bags which end up in the bin. That is an issue which can be easily addressed with branded reusable produce bags. Imagine replacing all those discarded plastic bags with a replaceable option. How great would that be?

At Brand Republic we have some reusable produce bag options which can be custom branded with your logo. So not only do you have a product which you can use to spread your branded reach it is something which will greatly benefit the environment. The great think about produce bags is that they can be used for more than just bring home your fruit and vegetable from the shops. Here we explore some of the great uses for them which makes them an even more valuable product which your customers will love.

1. Wash your delicates

There are certain things that you just can’t allow to float freely in your washing machine. If you have read the user guide it will tell you as much. Thinks like bras and things with hooks can easily catch onto you washing drum and cause issues. Other things like pantyhose and belts can get tangled with the rest of your closes which make the post-washing experience less than idea. This is where produce bags come in handy because their mesh construction allows these items to be cleaned without causing havoc in your washer or dryer.

2. Dry Your Fruit & Veggies

People like to give there produce a rinse after getting bags from the markets. People inevitably can’t help but touch things before they buy them so it is a good idea to do so. With a nice little mesh bag drying them is easier than ever. Just hang them up some where and put them in the fridge when they are dry. It’s as easy as that.

3. Pack your lunch

Instead of using a plastic ziplock bag which will inevitable get thrown away why not use one of these. You can use it over and over again and simple give it a wash when it gets dirty. Its the best thing in the world to carry your lunch in. Alternatively we do have a great range of lunch boxes which can be custom branded with your logo and also serve as a way to reduce plastic waste.

4. Replace your plastic shower caddies

Our largest bag, roughly the size of a small shopping bag, can easily hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and anything else you may need. Afterward, use the drawstring to hang the bag somewhere it can dry. What a great idea especially if you live in shared accomodation such as a dorm or shared house.

5. Use it instead of gift wrapping

Instead of picking up a paper gift bag, wrap your present and place it in a produce bags. That way not only are you giving them an actual gift but a gift that keeps giving. What a great way to make an impression whether with a corporate gift of a personal one.

6. Store cords and cables

Cords and cable can really get in a mess. Especially if you throw them in a draw with your other stuff. What better way to keep everything neat. Also you can prevent damage to those dangly things by not having to pull them apart.

7. Keep Your Kids Toys in Them

When you are carrying around all your kids stuff especially a baby what better way to keep things separated. By keeping all your kids favourite toys in a mess bag you won’t have to fumble around as you desperately reach into your bag trying to find one to shut them up with. A mesh produce bag with make all the difference.

8. Keep a purse in order

The same goes with your purse and your own personal belongings. What a great way to operate what you really need from the mesh mash. They can double as cosmetic bags, pencil cases, and first-aid kits. And because they’re mesh, you’ll have an easier time identifying what you need on sight.

9. Store a wet swim suit

This is one thing we could all do with. Living in a country such as our swimming and recreating at the beach is a favourite past-time. Instead of throwing that wet swim suit in your bag with your other stuff put it in a mesh bag. That way at least it gets to dry a bit on your way home and keeps your other belongings from getting wet.

10. Carry Your Shoes

To avoid dirtying the rest of your possessions, slip your shoes into a mesh produce bag before stuffing them into your luggage. This is especially helpful if you’re taking your shoes on trail runs, hikes, or anywhere else they’ll get mucked up. Who wants their smelly shoes swishing around with their other stuff. Nobody!

11. Keep your dirty clothes apart

This is a similar situation as your shoes. For travel, turn one of your mesh bags into a dedicated dirty laundry bag. These breathable bags will also air out any smelly clothes, so you won’t be greeted with an awful stench upon your return home. Think of dirty underwear and socks. Yuck!

12. Organize your luggage

The produce bags can easily double as packing bags. For instance, you can use one bag for toiletries, another for socks and underwear, and the rest for whatever you desire.

Branded Produce Bags

So if you are looking for great promotional products look no further. Not only are they inexpensive but you can count on your branded reusable produce bags staying in use long after you have gifted them away.