• BLUNT Classic Umbrella

  • BLUNT Coupe Umbrella

  • BLUNT Metro Umbrella

  • Bahama Beach Umbrella

  • Swiss Peak Expandable Umbrella

  • Swiss Peak Tornado 58cm Umbrella

  • Swiss Peak Tornado 76cm Storm Umbrella

  • Gemini Inverted Umbrella

  • Patronus Umbrella

Corporate Umbrellas

Corporate umbrellas are a ver popular giveaway for businesses.  With the reassurance that your corporate umbrella will be used repeatedly and branding seen multiple times you know you can’t go wrong.

Our corporate umbrella range includes large, sturdy umbrella’s because we know quality is important to you and your customers.  Made from a range of materials including steel and fibreglass. Ensuring our umbrellas can with stand any rainy condition.  Additional features include wood handles either straight or curved.  Or if you prefer ABS plastic handles for a more modern look.

Corporate umbrellas can be customised with your corporate colours.  Choose a solid colour umbrella or choose alternate colours for you each panel.  This will help you to really stand out.  When choosing how to brand and where to our brand our staff can assist you.  The most common branding is on alternate panels either 2 or 4 times depending on the site of your umbrella.

Umbrellas are perfect for many events, the most obvious being golf but also other sporting events.  Besides this if customers visit your office its great to have corporate umbrella’s handy in case it rains but what better give away knowing your customer will leave these in there cars to use for that rainy day emergency.

With one of the largest range of corporate umbrellas.  We are sure to have what you need or call us for assistance.  Our staff are well trained to assist help find that perfect umbrella for you.  We can help organise your branding and guide you on what options you have.