Office Mugs

  • Need a unique mug to slide into your promotional campaign? The Office mug might look like your basic coffee mug to start with, but look a little closer and you’ll notice something different. The Office mug comes with its own non-slip silicone base – choose the colour that suits your promotional needs.
  • As a promotional mug, the Office mug fits the bill. It can be pad printed to a 55mm w x 55mm h size, is 95mm in height and has a large 330ml capacity. Due to the larger size, your printed logo or promo message will stand out to everyone who uses the Office mug.
  • The Office mug is a great option for corporate gift baskets, promotional merchandise or promo events. Your customers will love it wherever get one.
  • With the non-slip silicone base, your customers and clients will love the Office mug; you can be sure that this is one promotional coffee mug that won’t sit at the back of the office kitchen cupboard.
  • Capacity: 330ml