Classic Bone China

  • Bone China coffee mugs are always a great choice for a promotional item. High quality, stylish and with a great handle design, there is a large amount of space to promote your business using a logo, message or picture.
  • Holding 280ml, and in a classic design, these mugs are suitable for any occasion including gifts and promotional giveaways. The Classic Bone China mugs are great for corporate environments due to their look, but will also be right at home in non-corporate environments or in your café or restaurant.
  • Due to their size and classic white colour, the Classic Bone China coffee mugs are a great option for a wide range of designs and colours – photos, logos and messages will all look great on this mug.
  • A classic, stylish promotional mug of course needs to have classy packaging– we supply gift boxes to suit the Classic Bone China mug in a range of colours to suit your promotional needs.
  • Capacity: 280ml

Belle Porcelain Mug

  • Where bone china mugs offer a creamy white appearance, the Belle Porcelain mug offers a bright white mug with all the durability and quality of a classic porcelain mug. The slightly flared lip and heart shaped handle give the Belle Porcelain mug a contemporary feel in a classic material, and bring a look of style to your promotional gifts.
  • Due to the contemporary look, the Belle Porcelain mug will look good on any office desk or in any office kitchen. The large 280ml capacity mug has ample room for your logo print, and the classic white colour will help your logo stand out; as a branded mug, the Belle will be well received by your customers and clients.
  • The Belle Porcelain mug is suitable for all promotional needs including promotional merchandise, corporate gifts or promotional gift baskets.
  • Like all of our printed bone china and porcelain mugs, the Belle Porcelain mug will help you step up your promotional and marketing campaign.
  • Capacity: 330ml

Ascot Bone China

  • The Ascot Bone China coffee mug is a large, classic styled coffee mug. With the warmth and creamy white colour that comes with bone china, the large handle and the 280ml capacity, the Ascot mug will be well received by all of your clients and customers.
  • The Ascot mug has a large printing area, allowing you to create a branded mug to suit your promotional campaign. Because of the bold creamy white colour, any logo print colour you use will stand out to all who use or see your promotional mug.
  • These mugs can be slotted into any corporate gift and just as easily used as promotional merchandise. The quality of bone china is well known, and your customers and clients will relish having a well-made and durable coffee mug to use at work or home.
  • If you are stepping your promotional campaign up to the next level and need a quality promotional cup for your clients and customers, the Ascot Bone China mug is worth looking at.
  • Capacity: 280ml

Aintree Bone China

  • If you are after a high quality promotional coffee mug, our porcelain and bone mugs are a great choice.
  • Due to the production style of bone china, our Aintree Bone China mug is a soft, creamy white colour that is slightly warmer in appearance when compared to our porcelain mugs. This however doesn’t affect the print quality between the two mugs.
  • Our Aintree mug is a large, classic style coffee mug with a large handle and is especially suitable for corporate environments. The size of the mug will allow your logo print to stand out. Your branded mug will be well received in corporate environments, where the quality of your promotional items will help you stay top of mind with your clients and customers.
  • The Aintree mug can be easily included in any corporate gift basket or promotional gift bag and will be well received by all those who obtain one.
  • If a quality promotional coffee mug is what your promo campaign needs, you can’t go past the Aintree Bone China mug.
  • Capacity: 280ml