Banner Ballpoint Pen

It’s often hard to find a promotional pen that is different to everything out there. One of our favourite pens here at Brand Republic is our Banner Ballpoint Pen. These classic ballpoint pens have a pull-out banner which gives you a great branding opportunity.

Many of our clients who have purchased these pens have used the banner as a way to promote their business, having their business name on one side and a general calendar on the other. Other companies have added in their events calendar or order close dates as a reminder to their clients and customers.

There are a huge range of colours to choose from helping you match your branded pen with your promotional or marketing campaign. The pull-out banner gives you two print spaces of 170mm x 68mm which provides for a great branding opportunity.

With a rubber grip, these brightly coloured Banner Ballpoint Pens are a great promotional pen for your business.