Casablanca Shot Glass 35ml

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Casablanca Shot Glass 35ml

Economical and easily fit into any promotional budget, the 35ml Casablanca shot glass is a mighty piece of promotional glassware that all of your customers and clients will love. At 35ml, the Casablanca is a great option for drink tastings or for the launch of a new drink, and if you are a beverage supplier or producer, you will find that the Casablanca will be well received by anyone who gets their hands onto one.

Many bars and clubs will find their shot glasses disappear and end up in the bags and pockets of their customers; while not ideal, this does mean that your glasses will end up in the beverage cupboard of potential customers.

The Casablanca 35ml shot glass is well accepted as a promotional giveaway item with the purchase of a bottle of your brands spirits and has more than enough room for your logo to remind customers of your product each time they use the shot glass.

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