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Promotional Water Bottle vs Promotional Bottled Water

When trying to come up with a marketing campaign sometime you come to a dilemma. Sometime the two products you are look at are so similar that you are at a loss which one to go with. Two such products which may lead to said dilemma are promotional water bottles versus promotional bottled water. Whilst they sound very similar they are in effect two different things. One comes with water the other is designed to carry water but you must add yourself.

With promotional  bottled water the bottle already comes with water. All that is left for you to do is supply the logo you want applied to the bottle and to chose what size bottle you require. With bottled water the bottle already comes filled with water for you to hand out. This is particularly handy where you are at events where attendees require hydrating. So if you are holding an out door event or an event where food is being server or where there is not easy access to drinking water then providing bottled water is essential. And if you are already providing water then why not make it a branded water bottle so that your customers can remember you.

With promotional water bottles you are essentially giving your customer the bottle but without the water. Indeed your customer may choose to add something other then water like a soft drink or juice. Really all you are supplying is a container in which liquid for drink can be carries. Promotional water bottles are great to add to packs, such as sports packs and the like to complement other branded products such as promotional towels which are another great product. With water bottles or drink bottle you can print your logo making them a great promotional gift.

So which product is better as a promotional product? It really depends on what your objective is. If you are looking at giving immediate relief from thirsty then bottled water might be the best choice. If on the other hand you are looking at a last effect then a re-usable promotional water bottle might be more your style. Indeed a water bottle has the benefit of being re-usable so the effect is more long lasting.

Whatever your choice give Brand Republic a call. We will always look after your branded products needs.

Branded Products and Where to Brand

In this highly competitive business world companies are always jostling for ways to get their products at the front of the group. There are a huge range of marketing methods that corporations use to achieve this end one of which is the handing out of branded products. The hope is they by giving out gift the business can build customer loyalty and expand the reach of the brand. Whilst in most cases this is true it is also imperative to have a well thought out plan.

Although giving gifts in the form of branded products is never a bad idea one must  also consider where to brand and how to place the logo. It is important when planning a branded product that you have your logo well placed and attractive to the user. Sometimes it is difficult to strike a balance between having a tasteful looking product and yet having something that sticks out. Understanding your objective is always important when planning which products to use.

An good example of a product which allows you flexibility is the Madrid Coffee Mug. This mug is essential a photo mug which basically means it has a sublimation print. With sublimation print it allows you to print a large wrap around logo. More impressively the print can be of a photo or of a logo with a gradient. This flexibility really allows you to create an impressive looking value added product without breaking the budget or appearing to go over the top. The same can be achieved with other products which allow for this printing method such as our credit card USB series

So when looking to embark on yet another marketing campaign make sure you get your branded products right. A well planned promotional marketing campaign is money well spent.

Branded Bottled Water to Enhance Your Brand

These days they are any number of events taking place out doors to market a companies products. With a country as beautiful as ours it is no wonder that marketers would be keen to use beautiful scenery as a back drop for the launch of a new product or service. Not only are domestic brands activity using Australia’s nature beauty to promote their wares but so to are a bevy of international companies.

When arranging an outdoor event many organisers like to provide a gift bag with goodies to make the event memorably. Things like t-shirts, games, USBs and other nik-naks are always popular. Other products such as branded chocolates and theatre passes are also proving to be popular. One thing you will almost always find at an outdoor promotional event is branded water bottles. Whilst our country may be beautiful it is also a warm place which makes supplying bottled water so as to ensure guests are properly hydrated.

Branded bottled water is a great way to promote your brand at any event. The bottles are easily printed with your logo and message and there are a number of bottle sizes available for you to distribute to your guests. They include:

And if you are looking at hosting an event targeting women then we also have water bottles with pink bottle tops.

So next time you are hosting an event think about branded bottle water.

Promotional Products

We live in a very competitive landscape and every business in every industry looks for ways and means to increase their visibility in the market. Unlike the latest digital marketing techniques, this particular marketing strategy doesn’t need regular reinvestment. Once you purchase these products and distribute them, they will keep doing their work, without you having to worry about them.

When you invest in durable products such as pens, bags and coffee mugs etc., they can last for a number of years and continue to spread your brand message. We at Brand Republic, we always recommend that our customers include these items in their broader marketing strategy.

Different types of promotional products

We understand that even when you want to purchase different types of promotional products, you don’t want to deal with multiple companies. It’s why we have a very wide variety of products you can choose from and our online store has items such as:

  • Apparels and bags
  • Coasters
  • Wallets
  • Car accessories
  • Lanyards
  • Packaging
  • Magnetic Products
  • Stationary
  • USB flash drives
  • Other

We have a number of other products to choose from and there really is something for every budget and requirement. If you need something very unique, simply browse through all the different categories of products on our site and you are sure to find something you like.

Promotional products- why purchase them?

  • Promotional items have proven to be very effective because they offer something that no digital marketing strategy can. Your present and prospective customers actually get to use the products, which means your target audience values them more. This is why even the biggest corporations continue to use these in their marketing campaigns to increase their brand visibility.
  • They are also very easy to purchase especially when you buy them from a user-friendly site such as ours; you only have to pick the products you like, upload your message and logo or company name and then choose the number of items you need and place the order. We will ship the consignment to your location within the stipulated timeframe and you don’t have to worry about buying them at a store and then transporting them to your office or any other venue.
  • Aside from this, promotional items are very durable and they continue to promote your brand for a very long time; this is something digital marketing cannot do. The people who receive these items will use them regularly and they actually become your brand ambassadors. This constant visibility goes a long way in increasing your visibility.

Promotional products are a great way to establish your company and brand presence on your office premises. For instance, if your employees and staff members use coasters, mouse pads and coffee mugs at work, you can use that as an opportunity for branding. These products are also excellent for conference and trade fair venues.

You can know more about our products and services at Brand Republic by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.

Celebrate your Business with Promotional Balloons

Celebrating a new store opening, a new product launch or your business’ birthday? Do it in style with branded balloons!

Brand Republic has a range of promotional balloons, all designed to help your business stand out from the rest. Perfect for helping you celebrate or promote your business or community event, these balloons are good quality, hold a great logo print and are a fun way for the community or your customers to get involved in your promotion or event.

From the sporting field to schools, businesses to community groups, there’s nothing better than seeing your brand, business name, product or group being promoted throughout the community. Balloons offer a fun way to get known, and are a great way to promote new products and services to families with young children.

The Brand Republic range includes everything from the standard balloon through to metallic and pearl toned balloons. Each range includes a large colour selection to choose from, ensuring you get the best out of your promotion or event.

The Pearl range features colours including apricot, lavender, blue, and yellow. The softer pastel coloured balloons are perfect for brands that don’t suit bright bold colours and look fantastic with a screen-printed logo. On the other hand, the Metallic branded balloon range is perfect for those businesses looking for bright bold colours for their next promotional campaign.

Balloons are a great way of helping to promote brands, events and products. Get ready for your next event with branded balloons from Brand Republic.

Promotional Merchandise

While there has been a huge change in the marketing strategies adopted by large organisations, most of them still use promotional merchandise. This is one of the simplest and underestimated, yet effective strategies that work very well. We at Brand Republic firmly believe that these products can boost your visibility quite significantly and help you stay ahead of the competition.

 The advantages of using promotional merchandise

  • Low cost- You generally purchase promotional items in larger quantities and that means you can get them at discounted rates. There are a large number of items to choose from; so if you need to gift promotional items to important clients or executives, you will also find various premium products. For instance, you could purchase smaller products such as magnets or mouse mats in bulk for general purposes and the premium products such as sunglasses or chargers and power banks for more exclusive purposes.
  • Durable- While these products are very reasonably priced, when you source them from companies like ours, you are assured of high quality products that will last for a very long time. This means your branding stays out there for a very long time when you opt for promotional merchandise. It’s not easy to find promotional strategies that are so effective at such a low investment.
  • Versatile- You can find various promotional products such as packaging, toys, keychains, umbrellas, hats and bags etc. So you are sure to find something that matches your requirement regardless of who your target audience is.
  • Utility- If you choose your promotional merchandise with care you will find that they are extremely useful as you can easily choose ones that can be used regularly. Not only does this please the people that are using them, but it’s a great branding opportunity for your company as well.

 How we excel

It’s vital that you opt for promotional merchandise that’s useful and of good quality. Poor quality products that break or become dysfunctional quickly will have a negative impact on your reputation. But when you source these products you benefit because:

  • We are a long-standing company in this space and have a large number of excellent promotional merchandise for you to choose from.
  • All our products are directly sourced from manufacturers and are 100% original.
  • You will find that we are a highly customer-centric company that provides excellent customer service. So if you are unsure about the type of products you should buy or need any other information, we are happy to help.
  • You will find that our products are highly cost-effective and when you purchase in bulk you pay even less for them.
  • Once you confirm your order, we will ship the products to your location or even to any other venue or event location.

 For high quality promotional merchandise, Brand Republic is the company you can rely on. You can know more about our products and services by getting in touch with us today! You can call us on 03 9646 7066 or email us at You can also contact us through this form and we’ll get right back to you.