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Various Ways to Incorporate Promotional Merchandise a Marketing Campaign

Marketing isn’t an easy process, and with so many companies within an industry, vying for the attention of customers, you need to be a step ahead in terms of the techniques and methods you use to attract the attention of your customers and encourage them to purchase your products or services. And smart marketing is always about using a mix-and-match of various techniques to achieve the desired result.

While digital marketing is all the rage, it’s equally important to focus on traditional marketing techniques such as the use of promotional merchandise. We at Brand Republic are one of the leading companies in the field and strongly believe that having promotional campaigns such as these goes a long way in creating the brand awareness you want and expanding your business reach.

How is promotional merchandise used in marketing campaigns?

  • Hand them out at trade fairs, shows and promotional events– If you are participating in a trade fair or any special business event at a venue where there are a number of other companies from the same industry, handing out these promotional products is one way to create an impression on the audience.
  • Holiday promotions– The holidays are the perfect time to distribute promotional merchandise. You can also have Christmas- based or holiday-based designs and themes printed on the products to make them more season-specific if you like.

In addition, you can hold contests and give these products to the winners. Alternatively, you also have the option to sell these products or distribute them at charity events. All of these strategies help in increasing your brand visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Promotional Products

Business owners invest in promotional products because they want to gain more visibility and draw more prospective customers to their brand. This is a tried and tested marketing technique that has proven to work in these modern times of digital marketing. At Brand Republic, we have noticed that most of our customers have some concerns regarding promotional products. Here’s a brief look at some of the frequently asked questions and concerns:

  1. Do promotional products still have an impact?

All studies show that promotional products still have an impact on the target audience. People usually don’t use or wear promotional products if they don’t support the brand offering it. This sends the right message to new prospective customers, which is exactly the purpose of the promotional item. If you plan and execute the promotional campaign well, you’ll see several benefits.

  1. What is the best promotional product?

There’s no one size fits all here because some promotional products might not fit in well with the message and branding of your company. It’s important to consider how well the items fit in with your business, products, marketing campaigns, and services before making a choice. What suits a coffee shop might not suit a cosmetics business.

  1. Does the placement and design of the logo matter?

The placement of the logo or company name should be visible without being disruptive. If the logo or company name ruins the design of the promotional product, people will be less inclined to use it and that will have an impact on your campaign’s success.

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Factors to Consider When You Purchase Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise can help promote the business and bring more recognition to the company brand. If you choose the right product, you can impress customers and business associates, and compel them to use the promotional merchandise as often as they can. These campaigns might sound old-fashioned, but they do provide excellent ROI. However, it’s important to choose promotional items carefully. At Brand Republic, we encourage clients to consider these factors before they make their purchase:

  1. Expenses involved

While most promotional items are relatively affordable, it’s always a good idea to prepare a budget in advance and determine how much you need to spend. It’s easy to overspend and lose sight of the bottom line. A good budget also makes it easier for you to choose what you want to spend your money on. It narrows down the list of options to consider, which makes the entire promotional merchandise purchase process easier.

  1. Theme and branding

The promotional product should fit in with your brand message and company theme. For example, if your company is in the sports industry, a cap will be a better promotional product that an umbrella. Browse through the collection of products available to you and choose something that fits in with the products and services you provide.

  1. Logo and company name

Logo and company names should stand out clearly on the promotional product otherwise it won’t have much of an impact on the target audience. Consider the placement of the logo or company name, the colour, and other such factors carefully before you make your purchase.

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Custom Mugs For Christmas

It is that time of the year again where you need to think about the kind of gift you want to send your customers. It is always a difficult decision to make especially considering the huge range of gift ideas that you have to choose from. If you just look at our website alone there are thousands of gifts available to give your clients. All of which are great ideas in themselves which doesn’t make the task any easier.

One such gift choice is Custom Mugs. Custom promotional mugs are a great gift choice at this time of year. Not only are they an inexpensive gift but they are easy to brand and come with a large print area. Although they are in inexpensive Christmas gift you can enhance the perceived value of the item by packing them in a gift box or even bundling them with other items such as in a gift pack. That said there are a huge assortment of mugs to choose from with a range of pricing which means to can fit them into any budget you have.

The most common printing method got custom coffee mugs is pad printing. With this print method you can print up to 4 colours. In places where you require multiple colours or a logo with a gradient then we also have digital print option. Finally there is the photo print option which allows you to print and image on the coffee mug. Current technologies also allow you to do  wrap print all around the mug for added effect.

Qualities to Look for in Vendors of Promotional Products

Promotional products can be a big investment, especially if you’re running a large campaign and need many different items. It’s important to choose the right store to ensure the money isn’t wasted on poor quality products. At Brand Republic, we recommend looking for the qualities mentioned below before making a decision:

  1. Reputation and services

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying promotional products from an online store. Look for reviews and explore the website to determine if they provide good-quality services. Explore the range of services provided by the store in order to understand what to expect from them and then make the decision to purchase.

  1. Shipping costs and policies

It’s easy to forget about the additional shipping costs while making a purchase, which can have a big impact on the total cost of the promotional products. Take time to read through the website’s shipping costs and policies, see how they handle returns, and then make a decision. A store without good returns and shipping policies can cause problems down the line.

  1. Samples and quality of products

See if the website provides samples of printed promotional products. If they don’t provide samples, check the minimum purchase amount. For example, some websites will allow a customer to purchase one or two items, so you don’t need to spend too much on your first order. Some websites have higher minimum purchase limits, and that can prove to be problematic down the line.

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Why Focus on The Quality of Promotional Merchandise?

Many business owners are hesitant to spend excessive amounts of money on promotional merchandise and cut corners. Unfortunately, sometimes cutting corners can also mean compromising on the quality of the product. At Brand Republic, we strongly believe that you should focus on the quality of the products because:

  1. The promotional merchandise doesn’t have to be expensive

This is one of the most common misconceptions customers have because they believe people have to compromise on quality in order to keep their marketing budget comfortable. But it’s possible to get affordable promotional merchandise, just find the right vendor with a wide range of products across different price points.

  1. Quality has an impact on reputation

All promotional merchandise must be of good quality if you want to create a good impression on your customers. If the quality of the merchandise is bad, the customers will assume you don’t care enough about them or quality in general and that will have a negative impact on the reputation of the company.

  1. Useful merchandise has a bigger impact

Good quality useful merchandise creates a positive impression on the customer. For example, a pen that breaks down after two uses will be discarded and forgotten but a pen that lasts for several months and performs reliably will be memorable. Investing in durable and good-quality products will provide a much greater ROI than low-quality and cheap promotional merchandise. Long term use will also ensure that your logo and company name gets good visibility.

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Lanyards Great For Concert Events

You may have heard it said that a lanyard is a boring item meant just for office workers and students. But no matter what you have heard nothing could be further from the truth. A lanyard is not just a versatile item that can be utilised across all industries but it can be used at any event. Apart from being practical for daily uses, they are also great for concerts and events. One such event that they are great for is concerts. It you have attended a concert of any sort whether a rock concert or pop concert or gone to see your favourite band at your local concert hall then you most certainly would have seen someone wearing a lanyards.

I have been to numerous concerts myself when I was younger and I have seen quite a few. I attended heaps of blues concert in the past and I saw quite a few. They are aways attended my staff who could not do without a lanyard nor could they function without one. With large events such as rock concert it is important for attendees to be able to identify staff as those events. Any concert that you attend you will invariably see all sorts of support staff looking after the every needs of the concert goers. There are of course the ushers. How would anyone be able to identify the ushers without their lanyards and polo shirts with “staff” emblazed across them. Also how could trust their credentials without their ID attached to their lanyard.

People also inevitable get sick at these rock concerts so finding first aid staff needs to be easy and they need to be visible to others at the event. They too would require the staff to have identification would would necessitate a lanyard and an ID card attached.

So next time you go to a rock concert or a pop concert with Madonna, Tailor Swift or the Rolling Stones then will definitely see staff are wearing and you will see that a printed lanyard and you will realise that they are not boring after all.

Promotional Products

4 Reasons Why Your Cafe Needs Promotional Products

If you’ve ever visited popular coffee shops and cafes, you’ll notice a significant brand presence in them. The logos and brand names are everywhere, including the cutlery and utensils. That’s because cafes and coffee shops rely heavily on branding so if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to develop and reinforce your brand. At Brand Republic, we sell a number of great promotional products that can help improve brand visibility. Here are some reasons why you should include them:

  1. Familiarise your audience with your brand logo 

You want your customers and visitors to recognise your brand logo and associate it with your brand name on sight. That will only happen if you expose them to your brand regularly and consistently through your promotional products.

  1. Establish a uniform brand presence 

Displaying your promotional products in your cafe and on your employees will help you establish a uniform brand presence. Your customers will be exposed to it the moment they step into your establishment, and that can help you in the long run. 

  1. Appearance of professionalism and quality 

Modern customers often consider good branding to be a sign of quality and professionalism. If you have a steady and consistent brand presence in your cafe, your visitors and customers will be more likely to trust you and the quality of your products. 

  1. Reinforcing your identity 

Promotional products will reinforce your identity and help you stand out in the crowd. This is essential because you don’t want your brand to be confused with some other business.

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Promotional Merchandise

Should B2B Businesses Use Promotional Merchandise?

Marketing can be a challenge for B2B businesses because you’re communicating with other businesses instead of consumers directly. You need to adopt different rules and marketing strategies in order to gain visibility and recognition in this field. However, if you plan well and use the right techniques, you can be successful in this field and get ample traction. At Brand Republic, we interact with several B2B businesses and understand their goals well. We’ve noticed several business owners don’t know if promotional merchandise can help their business. Here are some tips that can help answer the question.

Do B2B companies use promotional merchandise?

Yes. In fact, promotional merchandise is more commonly used in B2B industries than B2C industries. Business owners will often gift their associates with useful and attractive merchandise in order to promote the brand, keep the customers engaged, and develop healthy relationships. It’s not uncommon for B2B businesses to exchange promotional merchandise during holidays and special occasions.

Does promotional merchandise really help? 

Promotional merchandise is designed to passively increase visibility for your brand and business. They’re also long-term solutions rather than short term investments, which makes them ideal for B2B marketing. As long as the recipient uses your promotional merchandise regularly, you will get visibility and make more people familiar with your brand and logo.

Do you need to spend a lot of money on it? 

Promotional items come in a number of different forms. You can gift flash drives, umbrellas, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and several other items. You only need to spend as much as you want to and there’s something for everyone available at our store.

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